3 Books To Help You Understand People

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

By: Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Short-Medium Read


If you’re familiar with Daniel Goleman and the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), the next step is reading Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Where Emotional Intelligence explains the concept of EI, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 provides a road-map for boosting the readers EI. The book not only covers self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management–it explains how to boost your ability in each area. I encourage readers to take the EI test provided with the book to measure their starting EI. You can read this book from beginning to end, or you can refer to each section as needed.

The Laws of Human Nature

By: Robert Greene

Long Read


The Laws of Human Nature is Robert Greene at his finest. Readers who are familiar with Greene’s previous books will recognize the format. His principles are spot on and the historical examples he uses to illustrate each concept are sure to keep the reader entertained. If you read this book with an open mind, you will notice things about those around you that you did not notice before and you will begin to understand who they truly are.

Start With Why

By: Simon Sinek

Short-Medium Read


Simon Sinek has become an authority in the field of leadership over the past few years. His book Start With Why and its corresponding Ted Talk started it all by providing us with a look into why the human brain is wired to respond to “why” more readily than “how” or “what”. Why are some people and brands so appealing while others are not? Look no further than this book for the answer.

Author: L.S.H.

I'm a young man originally from Northeast, Ohio. Learning is a lifelong process.

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