Don’t Fall In Love With The Way You Won In The Past

This morning I heard a quote on a podcast that I listen to frequently (The Secret to Success Podcast). It’s not uncommon for me to come across a quote that I like, but there was something different about this one. It spoke to me on a personal level, and caused me to self-reflect a little more than usual. The quote:

“Don’t fall in love with the way you won in the past”

– Unknown

When we have success, it’s common for us move into cruise control. We tell ourselves “I’ve arrived, I have the receipe for success–I’m set for life.” Just remember that things are constantly changing. Don’t rest on previous success. You must continue to grow and adapt so you don’t get left behind. We all know those individuals who talk about what they did…10 years ago, but they haven’t done much of anything since. Don’t be that person.

Author: L.S.H.

I'm a young man originally from Northeast, Ohio. Learning is a lifelong process.

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