Your Gift vs. Your Passion: A Brief Explanation

Gift: It is my belief that everyone is born gifted in certain areas of their life. You know you have a gift when you excel at something with little effort (although it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still work to improve in that area). For example, you may be a naturally gifted public speaker. With little effort or instruction you may naturally stand up in front of large groups and deliver speeches that blow away an audience, never experience stage fright, rarely over use verbal distractors, and use natural body language when speaking. That is a gift. Simply put, it is “God given”.

Passion: When something is a passion of yours it fills you with joy when you do it, although you may not necessarily be great or even good at it. Tennis may be a passion of yours and you may absolutely love playing it–but you may not be naturally gifted at tennis and it may take you considerably more effort to be good at it than other tennis players. A passion is something you choose.

It seems as if most people can identify their passions, but struggle to identify their gift(s). If you struggle to find your gift, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Journal and take inventory of the areas and activities you excel at currently in your life.
  2. Take some time to think about where you’ve excelled in the past.
  3. Pay close attention to the feedback that you get from others. It’s common for others to recognize our gifts before we recognize them ourselves.

Why is this important? Check out my previous blog post on identifying your passions and gifts to lead you to success.

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