A Quick Thought About Success

In this blog you’ll come across the topic of success. I want to be clear, success means something different to everyone. Your definition of success may be a good job and happy family, while others definition may be financially, educationally, socially driven or it may be a combination of multiple factors. The key is to understand what’s truly important to you. Find out what you define as success on a deeper level, continuously move towards it, and make sure you don’t get pulled into anyone else’s definition of success.

Personally, this was difficult for me to understand when I was about 16. Growing up it seemed like everyone’s idea of success was financial or material so by default mine became the same. Success was perceived as having nice clothes, nice cars, jewelry, making a million dollars, etc. I thought successful people had all of these. I found out quickly that this didn’t quite fit the description of my definition of success as I became an adult.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”


Author: L.S.H.

I'm a young man originally from Northeast, Ohio. Learning is a lifelong process.

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